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Comprehensive CCR Impoundment Solutions

Reliable Lining, Dewatering and Covering

With our geosynthetic system solutions you always have Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) reliably under control. Whether it is safe lining, quick dewatering and storage of contaminated sludge or long term safe capping, we have the economic and sustainable solution for every phase of your project.

Hochwasserschutz durch eine sichere Anwendung von Geokunststoffen
Reliable Lining
Long-term hydraulic performance with a specialized, polymer-free bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL).
Quick Dewatering
Fast and economical CCR sludge dewatering with large-size and stackable tubes.
Bagger als Zeichen von Wiederaufbaumaßnahmen nach einem Hochwassereignis
Easy Covering
Reinforcing for construction over soft soils and contaminated surfaces.

Geosynthetic solutions for CCR

Impoundment Lining with high-performance GCL


Newly built CCR impoundments require a composite liner system with a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) and a geomembrane. However, traditional bentonite GCLs may not meet hydraulic conductivity requirements due to high ionic strength and electrical conductivity of CCR leachates. As a result of our experience in the manufacturing of GCLs, HUESKER successfully developed a unique, high performing geosynthetic clay liner. Tektoseal Clay RM solves the challenges faced with sealing CCR impoundments using a high-performance bentonite without the need for polymer blending. The unique properties of the bentonite contribute to its strong sealing capability even when permeated with aggressive leachates. This eliminates concerns with regards to service life caused by polymer loss through washout and polymer degradation over time. The easy installation of Tektoseal Clay RM ensures the long-term barrier performance required for all CCR containment applications.

Specific Benefits for CCR applications

  • Unique bentonite with optimum performance in the rheological properties (swelling, thickening, cation exchange etc.)
  • Very low permeability: 1.2E-09 cm/s with EPRI High Strength CCR-Leachate
  • No polymer required, thus no concern for polymer loss or degradation
  • The bentonite weight (load) per unit area can be adapted to project-specific needs

Quick sludge dewatering with geosynthetic tubes


Our large SoilTain dewatering tubes offer high process capacity and dewatering performance. This helps to speed up progress on site. The tubes, which are made of high-performance woven technical textile material, can be stacked to increase storage capacity still further. Cost savings are achieved by reducing the machinery and associated power demands for dewatering and transportation of the sludge. The tubes can be used for permanent containment of the dewatered and consolidated material. There is no risk of rewetting, e.g. by rainwater, even where the tubes are in use for longer periods. As a result, a higher quantity of dry solid residue is achievable than by spoil area dewatering.


  • Dewatering of large amounts of sludge in short time
  • Reduced energy and machine requirements compared to other dewatering techniques
  • Sludge storage in stacked dewatering tubes reduces space
  • No risk of rewetting

Reliable Covering with high strength geotextiles


CCRs left-in-place will require installing a final cover system. Due to the typically very low bearing capacity of the impounded materials, cap construction may be challenging. The use of high strength reinforcement placed over the soft residuals can provide the additional resistance needed for providing a stable base for the construction of the cover. Different geosynthetics are available for site specific conditions and installation methods. Geogrids, protective nonwoven geotextiles and geocomposites within a large range of strengths are used for this kind of application. Our team is ready to assist during the design process in order to find the most efficient solution and provide technical assistance during installation.


  • Large product range for every challenge: high strength fabrics, geogrids, geocomposites
  • High strength geosynthetics are available (up to 2,800 kN/m)
  • System components can be customized according to requirements
  • Project-specific design by our engineers
  • High resistance to microbiological, chemical and physical deterioration
  • Multiples certification: BBA, IVG, NorGeoSpec, EPD

Your CCR product selection

Lining | Tektoseal Clay
  • Thin geocomposite (< 10 mm) demonstrates reduced liquid flow rates compared to compacted clay liner
  • High chemical resistance and longevity
  • Minor mechanical damage automatically remedied
Dewatering | SoilTain Dewatering
  • Cost saving achieved by lower machinery requirement
  • High process capacity for fast and economical dewatering
Covering | Stabilenka
  • High strength fabrics with high tensile modulus to increase bearing capacity and stability of cover for very soft residuals
  • Best option for closure of impoundment for left in-place CCR requiring capping
  • Customizable solution for different site conditions
Covering | Fortrac
  • High interaction flexibility with very high tensile strengths
  • Easy installation due to low weight per unit area
  • High long-term resistance even under demanding environmental conditions
Fortrac Geogitter zur Bodenbewehrung
Base Reinforcement | Basetrac Duo-C
  • Customizable composite integrating a separation/filtration layer and a reinforcement geogrid
  • Installation of two layers in one step, great option for improving bearing capacity of access roads
Covering | Tektoseal Active
  • Passive treatment system avoids the displacement of contaminated material
  • Tailored solutions through combination of active amendments

Our solutions in practice