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Lubratec® Folding front

Comfortable closure for wide openings and passageways

Especially in agriculture, there are many types of buildings, such as machine halls and feed stores, which require wide doors and access roads for efficient farming. Lubratec folding fronts are easy to operate in addition to their primary function as wind and weather protection and can also withstand intensive use and high wind loads. Thanks to integrated cross belts and rollers in lateral guide rails, they can also withstand large wind loads. Lateral sealing lips prevent the entry of draughts. Even large openings can be closed with our folding fronts without any problems, without the need for additional front locking.

Suitable for daily opening and closing

No locking device needed

Lubratec Folding front

Product benefits

  • Suitable for daily opening and closing
  • Low space requirement on all sides in plane of fixing
  • High wind load capacity thanks to integral horizontal belts and rollers in lateral guide rails
  • Additional ventilation effect
  • No locking device needed despite large opening sizes
  • Incorporated lip seals to prevent draughts from air infiltration at sides
 Folding front
Opening directionFolding curtain opens from bottom upwards and gathers at top
Opening heightMax. 10 m
Opening widthMax. 20 m
DriveManual or electric