Incomat® Filter Point Concrete Mat - Permeable Concrete Mat with Filter Points
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Incomat® Filterpoint

Permeable concrete mattress with filterpoints

Incomat Filterpoint offers the ideal erosion control solution for applications subject to low hydraulic loads requiring a water-permeable concrete mattress. The mattress comprises a two-layer woven fabric, with the two woven layers joined together by a regular arrangement of woven-in filterpoints. The in-situ concreting process ensures that the mattress adapts to the base profile, thereby lowering the risk of void formation below the revetment.

Incomat Filterpoint is normally specified as an alternative to rip-rap, pitched stone or conventional concrete slab revetments on account of its lower cost and superior performance. Incomat Filterpoint acts in conjunction with the concrete to create a highly efficient, permeable revetment suitable for strong bases and low hydraulic loads.

Advantages & Characteristics

  • Permeable concrete mattress

  • Regular distribution of filter-points over wide area

  • Erosion control for stable bases and low hydraulic loads

  • Relief of excess pore water pressures below concrete mattress

  • More cost-effective than rip-rap, pitched stone or concrete slab

  • revetments

  • Classed as harmless under M Geok E 2016 (Guidance Paper on the Use of Geosynthetics in Earthworks for Roadbuilding Projects) and BBodSchV (German Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance)

Incomat is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

Simple installation principle

Step 1

Preparation of the subgrade

Step 2

Spreading the panels

Step 3

Filling the panels with flowable concrete/mortar

Project examples

Versatile application possibilities

Further information

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