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Multi-faceted retaining structures with concrete block facings

With Fortrac Block, we offer you the possibility of fitting your Fortrac reinforced soil structure with various concrete block designs and looks. Supporting structures such as heavyweight walls, bridge abutments, but also retaining walls in water can thus be realised easily and quickly. The Fortrac geogrids, the filling soil and the blocks usually form the load-bearing element of the supporting structure when combined. Besides this active design, passive solutions are also possible. The mortar-free system can be used for almost any slope height and inclination up to 90°. Depending on the form of block, the facing can be easily erected by hand without the use of lifting tools. Small concrete blocks and terraces can be used to model a wide variety of terrain shapes and also partially greened retaining walls. Thanks to our Fortrac grids made of PVA, you can even erect your retaining structure in water containing sulphate and with alkaline materials, e.g. cement or lime stabilised, cohesive soils.

System benefits

  • Formwork-free, mortarless system

  • Straight, curved and tiered walls possible

  • Wide selection of block shapes, sizes, weights, colours and finishes

  • Project-specific solutions with structural or purely cosmetic/protective facings

Our system models

Hollow block facings
  • Medium sized lightweight hollow concrete blocks
  • Crushed stone filling ensures a very strong bond
  • Fewer blocks per m² speed up installation
  • Blocks placed by hand and with minimal equipment
  • Curved wall sections easily formed
Solid block facings
  • Small sized lightweight solid concrete bricks
  • Blocks placed by hand and with minimal equipment
  • Curved wall sections easily formed
Large concrete block facings
  • Large sized solid concrete blocks
  • Fewer blocks per m² vastly speeds up installation
  • Prefabricated blocks with cast-in geogrids further simplify installation

Component kit

Everything for your Block system model

  • Interaction flexible Fortrac geogrid
  • Separating nonwoven
  • Solid blocks
  • Hollow blocks
  • Large sized concrete blocks (reinforced/unreinforced)
  • Crushed-stone drainage layer

New: The Fortrac Systems Calculator

Try our new Fortrac Systems Calculator for free now! In just a few clicks, you can calculate your geogrid-reinforced retaining wall quickly and easily. You can use the calculator on almost all devices without downloading anything. Have fun calculating your individual retaining wall:


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