Incomat Pipeline Cover, pipe protection system
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Incomat® Pipeline Cover (IPC) - Your Ultimate Solution for Pipeline Protection

Experience the future of pipeline protection with our quick-to-install, efficient, and versatile system

Protect your pipelines against buoyancy, uplift, and external actions with Incomat Pipeline Cover (IPC). Designed for use in a variety of settings where pipelines require protection from mechanical impacts or buoyancy uplift, IPC stands out from traditional concrete encasements with its rapid, efficient application and customizable features. The geosynthetic concrete formwork consists of a modified Incomat® Standard concrete mattress with factory-fitted industrial zippers to increase installation speeds.

Simple installation process

Step 1

Fixing to
pipe section

Step 2

for cover

Step 3

Concreting via
filler neck

Key features

  • Innovative Geotextile Formwork: Our factory-prefabricated geotextile formwork eliminates the need for on-site shuttering, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience

  • Tailored Units for Rapid Assembly: IPC's tailored units optimize the concreting operation, resulitng in faster project completion

  • Customizable Solutions: With precise planning and custom manufacturing, our IPC system accommodates pipeline bends and varying pipe diameters with ease

  • Tested and Certified: IPC meets stringent guidelines for safety and environmental compliance, including CP Shielding Tests

Incomat is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

Incomat Pipeline Cover (IPC) System Overview

Jack Christmas

Your contact person

As Hydraulic Product Manager for HUESKER North America, Jack Christmas leads in the execution of design, product development, and sales strategies throughout various waterborne applications. He has extensive experience in designing solutions utilizing geosynthetics for Berth & Scour, Sludge Dewatering, Coastal Protection, and Buoyancy and Uplift Protection in Pipelines. Jack received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University and currently has extensive experience providing product recommendations throughout North America.


Versatile application possibilities