Tektoseal® Active: Oil and petrochemical protection
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Tektoseal® Active for oils and petrochemicals

The pollution barriers for oil, petrol, diesel and co.

Despite the growing trend towards electric mobility, it is impossible to imagine infrastructure and industry without oils, diesel, petrol or other fuel. They find their way from sealed traffic surfaces into the subsoil and thus into our environment via leaks or accidents. Tektoseal Active absorbs the substances and helps to prevent widespread contamination. Preventive protection against these contaminants is important for adjacent soils and water bodies.

Our Tektoseal Active solutions with mechanically consolidated and oil-absorbing polymer are suitable for separating oil-water mixtures. By using different geotextiles, particularly stable geocomposites are produced. Depending on the application, they can be floatable or equipped with high resistance to UV radiation. In this way, the products can be integrated into our infrastructure or secure contaminated sites. Areas of application can therefore be found in ports, on rail roads, temporary filling stations and under car parks, as well as in the shoulder of roads and in many other situations.

Tektoseal product solutions for petrochemical pollution

Preventive protection against contamination of oil, diesel & petrol

The powerful combination of protective nonwovens and strong oil absorber.

The solution for organic pollutants in oily environments

High-performance textiles combined with organoclay, which swells in contact with the pollutant, creating a barrier.

The robust oil absorption mat for use
in infrastructure, on construction sites and in waterways

Many of the oil binders on the market today are not able to withstand external influences; granular absorbents can be carried away by wind and water. Nonwoven-based oil binders have low strength, especially after oil absorption. Our Tektoseal Active solution combines a high-performance, consolidated absorbent polymer with the mechanical stability of geotextiles. This combination extends the range of applications and the service life of the oil absorber and can be individually adapted to new challenges. Tektoseal Active with thermally reinforced polymer, in combination with protective geotextiles, can be safely used as a high-performance oil filter in the long term. A major advantage of Tektoseal Active is its ease of use. The composite material can be laid out quickly as roll material and can also be disposed of again. In addition, it can be easily cut to size on site and adapted to the respective situation.

 Powerful oil binding agent - 1 m² binds up to 7 liters of oil
1 m² binds up to 7 litres of oil
Water-permeable oil binder - Absorbs oil and allows water passage
Permeable to water
Absorbs oil and allows water to pass through
Stable oil binder - Withstands mechanical stress, even with heavy equipment
High mechanical strength even when driven over with heavy equipment
Easy installation on site - Can be easily cut to size
Easy to install on site and easy to cut
Floatable oil binder - Can be made floatable for applications on water
The product can be configured to float
Certified oil binder - Meets the requirements for certification in Germany.
Considered a certified oil binder in Germany

Proven excellent pollutant protection with geotextiles and polymer

Our highly efficient geocomposites with oil-absorbing polymer are considered official oil binding agents in Germany. The special polymers are processed into fibres and can be used as a highly efficient absorber for the removal of impurities. In combination with our geotextiles, they are permanently mechanically stabilised and can be laid over large areas. It retains oil, petrol or diesel in its special inner structure even when loaded and has a correspondingly high capacity.

Reliable pollutant binding through absorption

Layered construction of Tektoseal Active for environmental protection
 Polymer in the middle layer of Tektoseal Active
High performance polymer
Tektoseal Active: Effective pollutant absorption
Effective pollutant absorption
Tektoseal Active: Application for oil, gasoline, diesel and kerosene
Use with oil, petrol, diesel and paraffin
 Polymer in the middle layer of Tektoseal Active
High performance polymer
Tektoseal Active: Effective pollutant absorption
Effective pollutant absorption
Tektoseal Active: Application for oil, gasoline, diesel and kerosene
Use with oil, petrol, diesel and paraffin

Project impressions Tektoseal Active oil absorption mat

The more ecological product variant

In our ecoLine product line you will find various geotextiles made from recycled PET bottles. Our Tektoseal Active AS is also available as ecoLine version. The backing and top layer of the product are made from recycled PET. In the spirit of the circular economy, the tensile strength of the product has been increased with the help of a fabric carrier layer. This increased product strength ensures that Tektoseal Active AS ecoLine can be removed, e.g. with an excavator. After removal, the product can be reintroduced into the recycling cycle.

Tektoseal Active with Organoclay for organic pollutants in oily environments

Our Tektoseal Active product variant with special organoclay offers more effective pollutant protection for organic pollutants in oily environments. Contaminants that originate, for example, from heavy industry or from the impregnation of wood, cannot be treated effectively with activated carbon in some cases, as the substances cover the activated carbon like a film. For these applications, the Tektoseal Active pollutant adsorber Organoclay is the best solution. One advantage: in contact with the substances, the adsorber swells so that the permeability strongly decreases. It can be used for coal tar, creosote (so-called non-aqueous phase liquids, NAPLs) and many more.

  • Protection for polluted soils on land and sediments under water

  • First choice for organic pollutants with oil compounds

  • Known and used worldwide as adsorber for in-situ contamination control

  • Chemical treatment of clays makes them oliophilic pollutant adsorbers

  • Large-area pollutant filters with a continuously constant and erosion-proof active layer

  • Project-specific product design for the realisation of very long service lives

Application examples for Tektoseal Active as an absorbent pollutant barrier

Together we always find the best possible product configuration for your project!

Due to the complex natural interrelationships of contaminants, water and soil properties, and adsorption behavior of the active substances, configuring the optimal active geocomposite is not always trivial. With our expertise and laboratory know-how, we support you to find the best-performing solution consisting of special geotextiles and a broad and unique portfolio of active substances. We are glad to run project-specific preliminary tests to gain effectiveness analyses for you. With our holistic services for complex engineering projects, we ensure that “your” Tektoseal Active product solution is as optimally adapted as possible to the conditions on site and can therefore be used safely in the long term.

Your product configuration kit
Everything for your Tektoseal Active pollution barrier
  • Non-woven geotextiles as cover and carrier layer

  • Polymer as official oil binder

  • Organoclay

Detailed view of the geo nonwoven in the Tektoseal Active construction kit
Detailed image of the polymer in the Tektoseal Active construction kit
Detailed view of the Organoclay in the Tektoseal Active construction kit