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Geotextile Encased Columns

Ringtrac Foundation System
Ground improvement for extremely soft soils

Extremely weak subsoil poses severe geotechnical challenges for embankment construction. Purpose-developed to meet these demands, the Ringtrac foundation system plays a key role in the success of ground improvement measures. The centrepiece of the system is a regular arrangement of columns comprising non-cohesive material placed inside a geosynthetic casing. This is supplemented by horizontal reinforcement in the form of a Stabilenka woven geotextile. Geotextile-encased columns (GEC) are a development of the conventional vibro stone columns. The structural action of the geosynthetic casing transforms the mineral mix filling into a loadbearing element. The fact that locally sourced mineral mixes can be used as fill brings additional savings on time and cost.

The Ringtrac foundation system, comprising geotextile-encased columns and horizontal reinforcement, not only delivers a sustainable soil reinforcement and ground improvement solution, it also enables you to cut construction times through shorter consolidation periods. The full-surface drainage capability of the woven geotextile and fill material ensures that 90% of settlement already occurs during the construction phase (50–75% less creep settlement than for unimproved ground).


  • Rapid consolidation speeds up construction

  • Tall embankment structures completed within a short time without risk of bearing failure

  • Cost-efficient thanks to use of locally sourced mineral mixes (sands etc.)

  • Extra-safe due to high ductility

  • Due account taken of local conditions and loads

  • Also for use in soils with Cu < 0.5 kN/m² and in earthquake regions


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