Loaded truck on steep slope with geotechnical stabilization
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Steep Embankment Construction


Global economic drivers affect mining decision making. Civil engineering structures, including critical earthen walls, slopes, dams and embankments, require high volume and high output construction. Double handling of any materials negatively impacts the profitability of the mine. Constructing civil engineering structures relying only on the natural characteristics of the available onsite materials can lead to problems with stability and possible failure.

HUESKER offers engineered soil reinforcement solutions, which allow extra-steep and safe construction. Higher and steeper slopes, walls and embankments enables reduced material handling and importation requirements. Designing, for example, steeper sloped waste rock dumps allows for economic utilization of the dump rock footprint area and could additionally lead to the simplification of rehabilitation considerations.


  • Reduced space requirements due to extra-steep embankment construction
  • Reduced total carbon footprint due to less material and greater use of site won materials
  • Wide range of available polymers enables geosynthetic reinforcement in aggressive pH environments
  • Increased Interaction Flexibility between the geosynthetic and fill enables the potential use of locally available material
  • Less excavation and reduced construction costs
  • Increase in slope and embankment stability and safety
  • Reduced construction time