Tektoseal® Sand Geocomposite - Three-layer geocomposite with quartz sand intercalation
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Tektoseal® Sand Geocomposite

Filter installation also under difficult conditions

Tektoseal Sand is a three-layer geocomposite with encapsulated quartz sand that allows the installation of a geotextile filter under difficult site conditions. The geotextile lends itself to use wherever, given the local hydraulic conditions, the installation of standard filters would be impossible or would necessitate undue cost and effort. The higher weight per unit area achieved by the quartz sand filling simplifies installation and offers enhanced protection against displacement. This allows the trouble-free, filtration-stable installation of revetments even under water.

Why choose Tektoseal Sand?

  • Possible installation under difficult hydraulic conditions

  • Filter stable revetment construction

  • Increased displacement resistance

  • Simplified installation by factory-provided ballasting

Tektoseal is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.