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3701 Arco Corporate Drive
NC 28273 Charlotte


Responsible corporate business practice has a long tradition at HUESKER and constitutes the foundation for the company's success. The HUESKER Group expects its employees and business partners, both nationally and internationally, to engage in all transactions in an ethical and legally correct manner. As a compulsory guideline and orientation guide, we developed a Code of Conduct for our business partners within the framework of our compliance system in 2013 and implemented it throughout the entire corporate group.

An electronic whistleblower system is available to our employees, business partners and third parties to report compliance violations. It enables a protected dialogue, anonymously if desired. In any case, your concern will be treated, processed and reviewed confidentially. The anonymity of whistleblowers is absolutely guaranteed by the certified BKMS® system.

Please bear in mind that suspicions and accusations against persons can have serious consequences for them. We therefore ask you to use the whistleblower system responsibly.