Geotextile tube mattresses for safe UV protection of geomembranes
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Primary Barrier Protection


Field research clearly shows a reduction in the mechanical and performance properties of geomembranes exposed to UV and solar thermal radiation. Consequently, the placement of cover layers on top of a primary geomembrane barrier has become common practice. Through eliminating UV and thermal exposure of geomembranes, the depletion of anti-oxidants out of geomembranes is slowed significantly, thereby extending the expected service life of it. However, the placement of traditional cover layers over geomembrane barriers is the largest cause of damage to liner integrity.

SoilTain® Protect is an innovative geotextile containment system utilizing state-of-the-art weaving technology, which provides a tubular system interconnected into a singular geosynthetic mattress configuration. The introduction of the SoilTain protect cover layer means that no construction traffic is required on the cover which eliminates the greatest threat to the liner integrity during cover placement.


  • Elimination of heavy construction equipment on top of primary geomembranes
  • Improvement of liner integrity
  • Enhancement of site safety through reduction of construction traffic
  • Increase of storage space due to utilization of waste (e.g. tailings, coal ash) inside the protection tubes
  • Reduction of capital expenditure
  • Safe and efficient protection of environmental investment