Illustrative cross-section of the different road layers with HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid.
Detailed view of the HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid layer from HUESKER.
Detailed view of how HaTelit asphalt reinforcement mesh stabilizes the road, despite damaged base.
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Mike Samueloff
Business Area Manager - HaTelit NA
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HaTelit® Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid

The asphalt reinforcement products of our HaTelit family allow a significant extension of renovation intervals. Thus the useful life of the traffic areas is extended. Because of the associated reduction in maintenance costs, HaTelit offers a very economical solution for the repair of road surfaces.

Nothing sticks better to bitumen than bitumen! That is why all our products incorporate a coating with a bitumen content > 65%.


Experience the HaTelit Advantage


Welcome to the future of asphalt reinforcement solutions, brought to you by HUESKER. Our state-of-the-art HaTelit family of products is designed to significantly extend the life of your pavement and reduce maintenance costs, offering an economical solution for road surface repairs.  Each product in our HaTelit family of products incorporates a bituminous coating with a residual asphalt content greater than 65% – after all, nothing sticks better to asphalt than asphalt.

Our HaTelit  materials ensure straightforward, reliable installation thanks to its bituminous coating, offering excellent adhesion to base layers. Its non-woven backing facilitates time-saving ease of installation and promotes wrinkle free constructability.

HUESKER can customize and tailor materials to fit your requirements. The flexibility of our production can aid in optimizing materials for project installation by having less seam overlaps and increasing installation efficiencies, saving you time and expediting the paving operation.

Our products are highly flexible, adaptable, and resistant to installation damage, whether driven over by asphalt trucks, track or rubber tire pavers or during the compaction operation.


Straightforward, reliable installation

  • Bituminous coating ensures excellent adhesion to base layers

  • Nonwoven backing facilitates installation by saving time and protecting against displacement

  • HUESKER can customize rolls to fit your needs. Whether it is roll lengths or widths, HUESKER can optimize the material size to make the installation process go smoothly, eliminating waste and improving construction efficiencies.

  • High flexibility and adaptability simplify laying

Resistant to installation damage

  • When driven over by asphalt trucks or tracked pavers

  • During compaction of asphalt

  • When laying on milled surfaces

  • In alkaline environments (when installed on concrete surfaces)

Strong bond

  • Bond between reinforcement and asphalt PLUS bond between asphalt layers

  • HaTelit materials promote excellent interlock and a strong bond between asphalt layers by allowing the asphalt mix to integrate between our aperture openings

HaTelit is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.

HaTelit Range: Tailored to Your Need

Our extensive HaTelit product family includes, HaTelit C, HaTelit C eco, HaTelit XP, HaTelit BL and HaTelit G



HaTelit C geogrid for asphalt reinforcement
Close-up of laid HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid on a streetClose-up of HaTelit C, HUESKER's flexible polyester yarn reinforcement mesh.Tar machine lays tar over an installed HaTelit layerLaying HaTelit by means of vehicle and laying traverseAircraft taxiing over a runway covered with HaTelit

HaTelit C 40/17

The reinforcement mesh made of high-modulus polyester yarns

Composed of high-modulus polyester yarns, HUESKER’s HaTelit C 40/17 composite interlayer reinforcement provides a flexible and strong reinforcement combined with our lightweight nonwoven fabric.  With more than 50 years of field performance history, HaTelit C 40/17 has proven to be the economical choice reinforcement solution providing a durable-resistance interlayer to dynamic loads mitigating reflective cracking, that will extend pavement life-cycle performance.


  • Delays reflective cracking
  • High retained strength to installation damage
  • Improves pavement flexural resistance to dynamic loads
  • Retained strength -not affected under moisture conditions
  • Compatible for use on milled surfaces


Technical data HaTelit C 40/17

HaTelit C40/17 eco

The sustainable grid for durable asphalt reinforcement and greener asphalt construction

In addition to HaTelit C40/17, HUESKER has developed a similar material made of 100% recycled polyester. This is a sustainable solution for the reinforcement of asphalt layers with the highest geotextile quality. 
With focus on environmental protection, you can now design or install in your project a sustainable pavement interlayer, compliant with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles and requirements. 
Delivering the same benefits as HaTelit C40/17, HaTelit eco will fit into the framework design leading the way in environmental sustainability goals and objectives.


  • Sustainability and durability perfectly combined
  • Maximum delay of reflection cracking
  • Particularly resistant to permanent dynamic traffic loads
  • Highest resistance to paving damage
  • No loss of strength due to moisture
HaTelit C eco, the sustainable grid for durable asphalt reinforcement and greener asphalt construction
Fresh plants symbolize eco-friendliness of HaTelit C 40/17 ecoPeople collect plastic bottles for the production of HaTelit C ecoRoad with HaTelit C eco reinforcement and recycled plastic bottlesAircraft runway reinforced with sustainable HaTelit C ecoBottom view of plastic bottle focused on recycling logoPart of a highway reinforced with HaTelit geogridRoad reinforced with HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid
HaTelit XP, the reinforcement mesh made from the raw material PVA, which offers you full flexibility
Truck transports raw asphalt over HaTelit XP gridHaTelit XP Reinforcing mesh reinforces asphalt surfaceTar machine lays asphalt on HaTelit XP reinforcement gridLaying HaTelit XP for robust road surfacesLaying HaTelit XP at night shows flexibility of installation times

HaTelit XP and HaTelit SamiGrid

The reinforcement mesh made from the raw material PVA, which offers you full flexibility

HaTelit XP is made from the raw material polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and thus offers you special properties. This reinforcement mesh can be installed on asphalt and concrete surfaces as it is alkali-resistant. Combined with the well-known advantages of all HaTelit products, this unique product offers you a great deal of flexibility in the face of various challenges.


  • Very good retardation of reflection cracking
  • Very high resistance to paving damage
  • Particularly resistant to permanent dynamic traffic loads
  • Durably resistant in alkaline environments (on concrete surfaces)
  • Due to the flexibility and the mechanical properties of the PVA,
    it is excellent on milled surfaces

HaTelit BL

The self-adhesive reinforcement grid for small area renovations

HUESKER’s self-adhesive pavement maintenance product.  Combining our HaTelit C 40/17 with a highly flexible polymer modified asphalt backing; this peel and stick membrane is specifically designed for the treatment of longitudinal and or transverse joints on both rigid and flexible pavements.  In addition, HaTelit BL can also be used on bridge decks and smaller localized distressed pavements to mitigate reflective cracking and combat the effects of moisture penetration to a new hot mix asphalt overlay.  Durable and strong, HaTelit BL pavement reinforcement is easy to install without the need for specialized equipment and has excellent resistance to deicing chemicals.


  • Easy to install-self adhesive
  • Can be used on small areas
  • In warm weather no additional tack is required
  • Can be used as a bridge deck waterproofing membrane
HaTelit BL, the self-adhesive reinforcement grid for small area renovations
Rehabilitation of small areas with HaTelit BL reinforcement meshComplete road rehabilitation using HaTelit BL reinforcement mesh.Renewal of a road section with HaTelit BL reinforcement gridHaTelit BL strips firmly bonded to substrate
HaTelit G, the innovative combination of > 65-percent bituminous coating with glass fibre by Huesker US
HaTelit G with bituminous coating and glass fiberHaTelit G with more than 65% bituminous coatingAsphalt is applied on HaTelit G layerAsphalt is applied with a tar machine and then compacted with a roller on HaTelit GAsphalting a HaTelit G layer with a tar machine

HaTelit G 50 and HaTelit G100

The innovative combination of > 65-percent bituminous coating with glass fibre

In 2015 HUESKER introduced the family of glass-based reinforcements.  Integrating and combining our state-of-the-art bituminous coating process and nonwoven backing.  HUESKER now has low-elongation glass to combat the effects of pavement defects.  Glass, with its ability to reinforce at low strain, offers a unique alternative in material science to mitigate reflective cracking effects on pavements under loading. 
With two tensile strengths available, 50kN and 100kN strengths, HUESKER offers an option to fit the right product to the right pavement.


  • Delays reflective cracking
  • Higher retained strength
  • Improves pavement flexural resistance to dynamic loads
  • Retained strength -not affected under moisture conditions
  • Available in two tensile strengths


Technical data HaTelit G50

Technical data HaTelit G100

HUESKER: Your Trusted Expert in Asphalt Reinforcement Solutions

With HUESKER, you’re choosing a partner with years of engineering, construction, and extensive knowledge in geosynthetic application solutions.  Our HaTelit products are backed by our team of industry professionals who are passionate about delivering quality, innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers who trust HaTelit for their asphalt reinforcement needs. 

Make sure to explore our entire HaTelit family of products and find the product that's right for your project.

Reach out to our team for more information and learn more about our HaTelit products, or click here to request a quote today!


Mike Samueloff

Your contact person

As Business Development Manager for the HUESKER’S North American HaTelit paving interlayer business, Michael (Mike) Samueloff leads HUESKER in the execution of market strategies, product development and sales strategies, partnering with their independent dealer network that has successfully marketed, sold and supported the HaTelit paving line throughout North America. He also holds invention and patent records for the development of two paving interlayers currently sold in the commercial marketplace today and is also past President of the Asphalt Interlayer Association (2016-2017). Currently he chairs the Interlayer Task Group for the Geosynthetic Materials Association and is a member of the Interlayer Sub-Committee of the Transportation Research Board-National Academy of Sciences.