Close-up of Huesker's Canal³ multi-layer geosynthetic membrane for water conveyance
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Geocomposite used for water conveyance, containment, and conservation

Canal3 is a multi-layer geosynthetic membrane composite designed for water containment applications offering an easy, reliable and cost-effective canal lining solution. Canal3 is comprised of a top and bottom layer of nonwovens with a middle polyethylene membrane. The top and bottom nonwoven layers not only provide increased puncture protection, but also increased interface friction. Canal3 is neither affected by changing temperatures or frost which typically cause cracks in concrete lining solutions or by animals which often cause damage to unprotected membrane liners. This innovative canal liner can be installed either exposed or buried. Shotcrete can also be applied onto Canal3 for additional protection from vandalism and ultraviolet light.


  • Flexible lining solution offering improved reliability by protective nonwoven layers

  • No over excavating required for a protective sand bedding

  • Faster installation as you save at least one step compared to other membrane lining solutions: no installation of additional nonwoven layers for puncture protection required

  • Inert to biological degradation and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalies, and acids

Why choose Canal3 water containment?

Canal3 provides superior puncture properties for various site conditions from smooth to rough subgrades and is available in several styles. Irrigation districts and contractors agree that the ease of installing Canal3 over other liners is not only cost effective but also reduces installation time by using our wider width materials. Installations of Canal3 can be performed by a subcontractor or by irrigation personnel with minimal instructions from a HUESKER technical representative.

Canal3 is a registered trademark of HUESKER Geocomposites, LLC.