Detailed view of Tektoseal® Clay bentonite mat shows the highly swellable sodium bentonite granules and geosynthetics.
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Tektoseal® Clay Bentonite mats

High-performance sealing for landfill construction, groundwater protection, remediation of contaminated sites and hydraulic engineering

Thanks to many years of experience in the manufacture of bentonite mats, HUESKER has succeeded in developing Tektoseal Clay, a high-performance sealing mat with excellent sealing and laying properties. Tektoseal Clay is a perfectly matched multi-component system made of extremely resistant geosynthetics with sodium bentonite granules. Using the latest production machines and special precision needling, these components are non-positively processed into a full-surface, homogeneous geomembrane. The highly swellable sodium granulate produces a very good sealing effect with little dust generation on the construction site/during installation.

Tektoseal Clay consists of three components:

Step 1

Non-woven fabric as top layer

Step 2

Sodium bentonite granules as a gasket

Step 3

High tensile fabric as carrier material

Our product variants

Tektoseal Clay NA is the consistent further development of industrially manufactured sealing systems taking into account the latest findings from research and development. Due to its special manufacturing process, the highly developed clay seal is not only particularly economical, but also ecological. The bentonite mat, less than 10 mm thick, achieves at least the same sealing effect as a conventional clay seal (50 cm thick). In addition, permanent monitoring during production ensures a consistently high level of quality in the building.

Special advantages:

  • Insensitive to settlement
  • Self-healing effect against mechanical damage
  • Durable due to high chemical resistance
  • Permittivity 3 -10-9 1/s
  • Water permeability coefficient k = 3 -10-11 m/s

Tektoseal Clay RM solves the challenges of sealing ponds for industrial residuals worldwide. Due to the high pH value and the high electrical conductivity, bauxite residues place considerable demands on the sealing properties of bentonite. The sealing layer integrated in Tektoseal Clay RM consists of a tailor-made mixture of various bentonites without any polymer additives. This eliminates concerns about product life caused by polymer loss due to wash-out and polymer degradation over time.

Special advantages:

  • Unique, strongly swelling bentonite mixture
  • long-term barrier function
  • High chemical resistance
  • Self-healing effect against mechanical damage
  • Tailor-made product configuration for on-site requirements


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