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Cogatec Gas Bag

External gas storage

The Cogatec gas bag is an external gas storage unit that offers you up to 10,000 m³ of storage volume in order to be able to react to fluctuations in biogas production or changes in volume, for example. The standard pressureless operation allows you to withdraw gas at any time. Depending on the project requirements, you can also choose between larger volumes and various geometric shapes such as round, angular, cylindrical or a combination of these shapes.

High-frequency welded PVC-coated polyester fabric for maximum tear resistance in the gas bag
High-quality materials
Our gas bag is made of PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is particularly tear-resistant due to the high-frequency welding technique used. In addition, the textile material used is flame retardant.
Many years of experience in biogas projects: Experts in planning, production and realization at HUESKER
Customised gas storage solutions
Each material used is selected at HUESKER on a project-specific basis so that it meets the requirements. In addition, the gas bag can be equipped with a level measurement.
Many years of experience in biogas projects: Experts in planning, production and realization at HUESKER
Longstanding experience
With our many years of experience, we have already implemented a large number of projects in the biogas sector worldwide. This makes us experts in the planning, production and realisation of gas-tight storage solutions.

Square Gas Bag

The gas storage tank consists of a high-frequency welded fabric tarpaulin that is gas-tight and highly durable. The optimised weld seam adhesion makes the storage tank extremely stable and durable. For monitoring the filling level, the gas bag can also be equipped with a level gauge for uncomplicated reading. It is installed in closed, ventilated rooms or other environments protected from the weather, independently of the main tank. We design and manufacture the appropriate stainless steel gas flange for your pipelines, which ensures that the gas bag is leak-proof.


(1) Membrane
(3) Flange for gas pipe
(2) Fixing point
(4) Fixing point for level measurement

Technical information

  • Flame retardant high-tech PVC fabric, from type II to type V

  • High tear strength

  • Equipment with level measurement possible

  • Available in volumes up to 10,000 m³; other dimensions on request

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