Flexible geogrid solutions: HUESKER's Minegrid® for robust rockfall and longwall safety
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Highwall and Rib Support


The safety of a mine's recovery system is paramount, whether dealing with longwall recovery rooms, high walls or ribs.  The required support system must be able to fulfill the safety and stability requirements.

HUESKER Minegrid® comprises high-strength geogrids manufactured from polyester (PET) or polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), that are woven under tension and provide the required attributes to meet the recovery challenges including high tensile stiffness, flexibility, resistance to corrosion and conductivity, high visibility, and where necessary conforming to Fire Retardant Anti-Static (FRAS) requirements. HUESKER Minegrid fulfills all of the requirements of a supporting element in underground mines.


  • High Strength at Low Strain means long-term support with minimal deformation, confining rock faces to reduce movement and reduced ‘bagging’
  • Corrosion resistance and non-conductivity ensure long service life in all areas of a mine or quarry
  • FRAS rating meets all requirements of Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • High strength to weight ratio enhances usability and reduces injuries
  • High visibility coating
  • Broad range of Minegrid products allows for customization and concentration of strength in crucial zones

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