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Animal-friendly solutions for the Poultry farming

Lubratec - for an optimal climate in the henhouse and healthy animals

Your hens and chickens will find optimal conditions for healthy development in poultry houses equipped with our Lubratec solutions for ventilation and climate, light, weather and wind protection. Textile side ventilation as well as doors and fronts are individually adapted to your needs. They let enough air into the poultry house and keep away unwanted predators. Sufficient daylight enters the house through our light ridge. Modern LED house lights provide support on darker days. Large ceiling fans provide your chickens with a pleasant fresh breeze. Lubratec products are long-term tested and withstand the high demands of daily use in the house in wind and weather. Discover our product variety in the field of poultry farming!

Poultry house ventilation systems: wrap-around vents, lift windows, Tube Air and more.

Natural and active Ventilation

Fresh air in the barn with side ventilation, fans and tube ventilation

A modern poultry house, whether for laying hens, chickens or turkeys, should be adequately supplied with plenty of light and fresh air. A bad barn climate has a negative effect on the health and well-being of your animals. Our Lubratec roll-up ventilation, lifting windows and tensioned weather and wind protection nets are made of robust, UV-stable textiles, which are specially developed and manufactured for the high demands of agriculture. The optimal interaction of the Lubratec products optimises air circulation, air temperature and humidity in the barn and thus better removes dust and harmful gases.


Natural Ventilation

Active Ventilation

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Poultry house lighting: light ridge, LED lighting for chicken welfare

Natural and Active Lighting

Light ridges and modern LED house lighting for more light in the poultry house

Light stands for life and promotes activity and vitality. Sufficient supply is also important for the healthy development of laying hens and chickens. With our Lubratec light ridge with ventilation function you use the available daylight particularly efficiently. In order to be optimally supplied even in the dark season, supplement the appropriate active lighting with our energy-efficient LED stable lights and extend the active phases.


Natural Lighting

Active Lighting

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Textile gates and fronts for barn efficiency and protection

Doors & Fronts

Doors in lightweight construction for the efficient management of your barn

Do you already know our textile lightweight sectional doors, rolldoors, roller blind doors and fronts? They are particularly suitable for large openings and allow you to manage your business even with larger equipment or machines. Textile doors and fronts are not only suitable for your poultry house, but also for your storage or machine halls. In addition to their function as weather and wind protection, they protect you from unwanted intruders and can also be actively integrated into your ventilation concept.




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Optimum soil conditions thanks to Lubratec separating layer in poultry farming

Separating Layer

Ideal floor conditions

The Lubratec separation layer provides ideal floor conditions in poultry farming. In open-air runs, it ensures better chicken distribution and avoids over-fertilisation of areas that are not covered with vegetation.

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