Welt geotextiler Küstenschutzlösungen mit Lösungen für Landgewinnung und Uferschutz im Hafen, geotextile Wellenbrecher und Buhnen, Deiche und Dünen an Land, Ufermauern und Deckwerke

Discover the world of
geotextile container systems for
coastal and shore protection

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SoilTain® - The sustainable solution for coastal and shore protection

Robust geotextile tubes and bags for sustainable hydraulic structures

Innovative and sustainable coastal protection measures are playing an increasingly important role in modern hydraulic engineering due to climate change. The geosynthetic SoilTain Tubes and Bags allow for a quick and easy, yet safe construction of erosion control structures on land and in water. The project-specific prefabricated container systems can be easily filled with locally available materials such as sand. Filling with locally available materials allows for savings on armourstone. Thus, SoilTain coastal protection solutions are the economical and natural-looking alternative to conventional solutions made of stone and concrete. Because of this and the rapid colonisation with marine flora and fauna, the geotextile containers are a very ecological construction method. The SoilTain products are characterised by their adaptability and can be easily installed with other materials. Depending on the element size and type, filling can be done with the help of a funnel or hydraulically by flushing with a sand-water mixture. The application possibilities of SoilTain solutions are diverse and range from dykes on land to sustainable flood protection and offshore wind turbines in water.

Icon Hand hält Beflanzung maritimer Flora und Fauna
Our SoilTain solutions support sustainable and particularly ecological construction through rapid colonisation with marine flora and fauna.
The easy handling allows a quick and flexible installation on land or directly in the water.
Compared to conventional solutions, SoilTain container systems impress with their economical design
Hochwasserschutz durch eine sichere Anwendung von Geokunststoffen
Safe building structures are easily achieved thanks to the high adaptability
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The SoilTain coastal protection solutions are certified several times and tested by independent bodies (BAW etc.)
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Together with our experts and engineers, we are happy to customise the SoilTain systems to your specific project

SoilTain coastal protection application possibilities

Geotextiler Küstenschutzschlauch mit Kolkschutzmatte zur Hälfte mit Wasserbausteinen überbaut für Landgewinnung und Uferschutz

Land reclamation and bank protection

Systematically erect perimeter dams

Reclaimed areas can be reliably protected from wave and current forces with our geotextile sand containers. Dredged sand perimeter dams can easily erode. If the sand is safely contained within our tubes, erosion is avoided and rapid construction progress is assured. 


  • Completion of high structures in one step
  • Economical and fast filling
  • Filling with locally available sands, thus saving materials
  • Cost savings due to the reduced need for armourstone


About SoilTain Tubes

SoilTain Tubes mit Kolkschutzmatte als Bauwerk und SoilTain Tubes Küstenschutzschläuche als Bauwerkskern mit Abdeckung durch Wasserbausteine

Breakwaters and groynes
Reliable coastal protection

SoilTain Tubes complement traditional hydraulic engineering materials with an economical and sustainable solution. They can be used as the core of a structure or as a substitution for the complete hydraulic structure itself.


  • Application as erosion resistant structure core
  • Reliable long-term erosion protection
  • Material savings through use of existing sand
  • Fast in-situ filling


About SoilTain Tubes

SoilTain Tubes und SoilTain Bags als nachhaltiger Hochwasserschutz in Form von Deichen, Dämmen und Dünenverstärker in der Landschaft oder auch für Hotelanlagen

Dikes, dams, dune reinforcement
Flood protection structures with tubes and bags

SoilTain coastal protection solutions can be used to reinforce and improve artificial flood protection structures such as dikes and natural dunes.  The tubes and bags can be installed as the core of a new construction or retrofitted, e.g. when it comes to dyke upgrades or surcharge filter constructions.


  • Harmonious integration into the landscape
  • Durable erosion control structures
  • Material savings through use of locally available sands
  • Economical and fast filling


About SoilTain Tubes            About SoilTain Bags

SoilTain Sandbags als Ufermauern und Deckwerke verbaut an Land und im Wasser und ein Deckwerk einer Windkraftanlage im Meer

Sea walls and revetments
The alternative to stone revetments - SoilTain Bags

SoilTain Bags can be used to construct safe sea walls and revetments. They are often the more economical alternative to classic stone revetments. Thanks to their excellent adaptability, they compensate for deformations of the subsoil as well as the structure itself. Especially on very sandy coastal sections, SoilTain sandbags are better suited for coastal protection measures than conventional stone revetments. With their excellent filtration properties, they are also ideal for permanent scour filling.


  • Easy handling of the small-format sand containers
  • High adaptability enables safe structures
  • Scour prevention and subsequent scour protection easily possible
  • Vandalism-resistant sand containers available
  • Harmonious integration into natural environment
  • Material containment thanks to stable filter construction


Zu SoilTain Bags

Zwei geotextile SoilTain Bags die vom Land ins Meer ragen als innovative Wellenbrecher

Groynes and breakwaters
Erosions control structures with SoilTain Bags

In addition to SoilTain tubes, groynes and breakwaters can also be constructed with small-format SoilTain sand containers. Depending on local conditions they can offer construction-related advantages. The installation of the pre-filled sand containers can be more practical than the in-situ filling of the coastal protection tubes, if the hydraulic stability for the smaller elements can be established.


  • Small-format sand containers for practical installation
  • High adaptation for safe protective structures
  • Material savings thanks to filter stable construction
  • Good integration into the natural environment
  • Standard elements and individual solutions possible
  • Vandalism-resistant sand containers available


About SoilTain Bags

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