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Building natural looking retaining walls and embankment protection

With our Fortrac Nature system models, you can erect vegetation covered retaining walls or embankment protection in a short time, which, when appropriately planted, integrates into the landscape. Compared with conventional construction methods, this natural solution has a positive effect on the urban climate and, if appropriately planted, offers protection for insects and birds. You can use the system for slope and embankment protection with inclines from 30° to steep slopes and steep slopes up to 110°.  Successful, permanent vegetation is usually possible up to an angle of inclination of 70° and should be ensured by a specialist company in cooperation with the planner. Of course, temporary structures and earth pressure vessels do not require any greenery.

System benefits

  • Harmonious integration in natural landscape setting

  • Positive impact on micro-climate

  • High flexibility in terms of inclination, contouring and vegetation

  • Easy dismantling allows use as a temporary structure

  • Long-term stability and durability coupled with ductile behaviour

  • Lateral earth pressure containments of 110° feasible

  • Natural looking solution, providing habitat for birds and insects

System models

Integrated corrosion-protected formwork
  • Integrated galvanised steel formwork
  • Long-term stability and high resistance to deformation 
  • Space efficient installation without ancillary formwork
Integrated lost formwork
  • Integrated pre-formed structural steel formwork
  • High stability and resistance to deformation
  • Space-efficient installation without ancillary formwork
Without integrated formwork
  • Low system costs
  • Erection and shaping with temporary ancillary formwork
  • Customised architectural contouring possible

Component kit

Everything for your Nature system model

  • Interaction flexible Fortrac geogrid
  • Vegetation and/or erosion control mats
  • Ungalvanised steel formwork units
  • Galvanised steel formwork units
  • Tensioning hooks (galvanised/ungalvanised)
  • Planting/hydroseeding by specialist contractor

New: The Fortrac Systems Calculator

Try our new Fortrac Systems Calculator for free now! In just a few clicks, you can calculate your geogrid-reinforced retaining wall quickly and easily. You can use the calculator on almost all devices without downloading anything. Have fun calculating your individual retaining wall:


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