Groynes and breakwaters for sustainable coastal and shore protection with the use of geosynthetics and local construction materials.
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Jack Christmas
Geo-Applications Engineer - Hydraulics
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Groynes and Breakwaters

Sustainable Coastal and Bank Protection

Conventional stone fill structures generally comprise a core, several filter layers and a top layer. Industrially manufactured geosynthetics and tailored system solutions incorporating custom-fabricated units allow the optimization of structural geometries and cross-sections. Furthermore, the use of locally sourced materials such as sand vastly reduces the need for cost-intensive material shipments, e.g. of armour stone. The straightforward installation process and the use of geosynthetics of certified quality help to minimise risks and avoid the irregularities typical of mineral filter layers. Moreover, filter-stable installation of the core containment system prevents any erosion of the core material.

Scopes and Benefits of our geosynthetic building materials

Base area
  • Reinforcement/filter layer at base

  • Straightforward underwater installation compared to standard solutions

  • Evening out of settlement

  • Simultaneous filtration and separation function

  • Products: Stabilenka, Fortrac, Stabilenka Xtreme, HaTe Nonwovens, Sinking Mattresses, Tektoseal Sand

Structural core
  • Use of geotextile containment systems

  • Rapid installation of barrier, even under water

  • Economical use of locally sourced materials (e.g. sand)

  • Products: SoilTain Coastal Protection Tubes, SoilTain Sandbags, SoilTain Dewatering Tubes

Filter and protective layer
  • Constant filter layer thickness

  • High robustness

  • Reduced revetment construction thickness

  • Products: HaTe Nonwovens, Tektoseal Sand, Basetrac Woven

Top layer
  • Permeable or impermeable geotextile concrete mattress layer

  • Filter-stable construction with smaller thickness

  • Rapid installation, even under water

  • Retrofitting feasible without any significant intervention in existing structure

  • Products: Incomat, SoilTain Sandbags, HaTe Nonwovens

Versatile application possibilities
Jack Christmas
Your contact person

As Hydraulic Product Manager for HUESKER North America, Jack Christmas leads in the execution of design, product development, and sales strategies throughout various waterborne applications. He has extensive experience in designing solutions utilizing geosynthetics for Berth & Scour, Sludge Dewatering, Coastal Protection, and Buoyancy and Uplift Protection in Pipelines. Jack received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University and currently has extensive experience providing product recommendations throughout North America.