Material details: SoilTain® Protect Geotextile Restraint System
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SoilTain® Protect

SoilTain Protect is an innovative geotextile containment system manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art weaving technology, which provides a tubular system interconnected into a singular geosynthetic mattress configuration. SoilTain Protect must be utilized wherever it is required to avoid solar and UV exposure on geomembranes. Large volumes of construction traffic are required to construct traditional ballast layers. It is a known fact that up to 80% of all primary barrier damage occurs during the placement of covers over geomembranes. Additionally, through the importation of soil or the placement of concrete, valuable storage colume is lost.

Due to a large body of research and practical experience, the placement of ballast layers on top of a primary geomembrane barrier has internationally become common practice. Field Research presented by Msiza and Shamrock (2014)*1 clearly shows a reduction in the mechanical and performance properties of exposed geomembranes. Through eliminating UV and thermal exposure of geomembranes, the depletion of anti-oxidants out of geomembranes is slowed significantly, thereby extending the expected service life of the geomembrane (Rowe et al, 2013) *2.

*1 Msiza, J. & Shamrock, J. (2014): What is UV Radiation Exposure and Heat doing to your Liner? Proceeding of the 20th WasteCon Conference

*2 Rowe, R.K., Abdelaal, F.B. & Brachman, R.W.I. (2013)

Why SoilTain Protect?

  • Eliminates heavy construction equipment on top of primary geomembranes

  • Eliminates greatest threat to liner integrity

  • Enhances site safety significantly through reduction of construction traffic

  • Increases storage space due to utilization of waste (e.g. tailings, coal ash) inside the protection tubes

  • Protects your environmental investment safely and efficiently


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