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We engineer a
more livable world

Acting sustainably is a commitment to the future – and has always been our second nature. Sustainable operation is in our DNA as a family-owned company with over 160 years of company history. At HUESKER, we are and have been aware of our economic, ecological, and social responsibility – long before the topic of sustainability became the focus of public attention. After all, sound management that integrates economic, social, and ecological aspects has been the essential prerequisite for the continued existence of our company for many decades and will continue to be the basis for our future success.

Dr. F.- Hans Grandin and Sven Schröer

Sustainable management at HUESKER is holistic.

Environmental awareness, social commitment, and responsible corporate governance are equally important to HUESKER and are reflected in our daily actions. For decades, we have been making sure that we diversify not only our supply chains and our product portfolio but also our geographical positioning in a future-proof way. As part of our compliance system, we ensure that all employees adhere to our strict Code of Conduct and ask all business partners to do so as well. This way, we ensure fair and equal treatment of our employees and ethical management of our partners along the supply chain. We also monitor our social environment and focus on supporting local initiatives at our numerous locations worldwide. Through innovation and investment, we have been continuously reducing energy consumption and resource use for a long time, thus reducing our ecological footprint year after year. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2035. In addition to the many measures that are within our own sphere of action and influence, such as the use of sustainable energy resources, circular economy, waste avoidance, and recycling, we involve our suppliers and customers in order to realize all potential for reducing CO2 emissions as quickly as possible.

"At HUESKER, we are convinced that social, ecological and economic sustainability can only be achieved through technical progress and transformation, through creativity, ingeniousness and entrepreneurship - for a more liveable world.“

Dr. F.- Hans Grandin, CEO

Sustainability for our customers

We are in an excellent position to contribute to a more livable future through our own actions within the company and by supporting our customers in operating more sustainably. This is because solutions with technical textiles from HUESKER are indispensable for sustainable development in terms of ecological advantages, costs, and efficiency: in countless projects with our customers in construction, agriculture, and industry, we have proven that textile solutions achieve drastic CO2 savings compared to conventional construction methods. See for yourself on our informative website and discover the wide range of possibilities our applications and solutions offer.

"We are privileged because we help our customers to operate more sustainably with our solutions!"

Sven Schröer, CSO

“We engineer a more livable world”

At HUESKER, we are convinced that social, environmental, and economic sustainability can only be achieved through technical progress and change, through creativity, engineering and entrepreneurship. We invite you to visit our sustainability website to find out about many large and small measures that show how committed our employees are to helping to shape a more liveable future.

Dr. F.- Hans Grandin, CEO                Sven Schröer, CSO

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