Biogas & Manure

System Solutions for Biogas and Manure

The Manure & Liquid Storage membrane-lined pit can be used to store a wide range of fluids - from liquid manure and biogas plant digestate to waste water, firefighting water, rainwater, process water and leachate. The system comprises two fabric-reinforced membranes separated by a nonwoven drainage layer that forms part of the leak detection system. The high-grade flexible tank is able to hold virtually any type of liquid and offers either a short-term or permanent solution to your storage problems. With capacities of up to 1,000 m3, the containers are simply placed on the ground and require no extra lateral support.

Farmers and biogas plant operators are obliged by law to prevent or reduce nuisance by odours and other emissions. Statutory requirements can be met through the use of HUESKER's highgrade weatherproof silo covers.