Safe remediation with geosynthetics: Active geocomposites for sludge ponds
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Image from Trevor Walker
Trevor Walker
Business Development Manager - Environmental
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Sludge Lagoon Closure

Sludge lagoon closure involves the use of special stabilization methods for extremely soft ground

The fact that sludge lagoons have to cater for a range of different - mainly industrial - processes necessitates project-specific solutions. In developing these for its customers, HUESKER gives high priority to resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The sludge remains in its original form and requires no elaborate chemical stabilization nor any other type of pretreatment.

HUESKER geosynthetics allow vehicle access and the placement of shear-resistant fill so as to create fully restored and stable areas of land. Depending on the particular situation, these may be redeveloped into facilities that range from regenerated green spaces to industrial premises.