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Stretched System for warehouse

Project information

Project name

Warehouse for pallets and load carriers


Bad Peterstal – Griesbach, DE


Treyer Paletten GmbH


Rendler Bau GmbH


Rendler Bau GmbH and HUESKER
assembly team

Construction time

June 2018 – March 2019

Project details

Project description and challenge

Treyer Paletten GmbH is a family-run technology company specialising in the manufacture of pallets and load carriers for industry and global business. Located in the Black Forest town of Bad Peterstal, the company headquarters, with its 40-strong workforce, required an extension to overcome capacity shortages. Apart from a new production facility, the scheme included a new warehouse to protect the wood from weather deterioration while adequately ventilating the storage areas.


The contractor designed and erected a warehouse for pallets and load carriers. Both 40 m wide gable ends and one of the 70 m sides were fitted with black facade cladding. The concreting contractor incorporated the mounting rails for the wind protection meshes directly in the concrete columns and installed the wooden components needed for the mesh assembly in a concealed position. With these hidden from the outside, the exterior features only the textile material.


The pallets and other load carriers are protected from rain and direct sunshine while the shaded environment prevents them from drying out too quickly. Apart from providing ample daylight, the small mesh size of the high-strength, PVC-coated PES mesh fabric also allows adequate fresh air into the warehouse. Under normal weather conditions, it is therefore possible to dispense with any additional light sources. From the outside, however, the wind protection mesh resembles a black screen that hides the pallets from view. Moreover, unlike trapezoidal metal sheet assemblies, the system requires no elaborate detailing, and is fast and easy to install.