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Lubratec® Mobile barn

Calf hutch of the latest generation: mobile and health-promoting

The Lubratec mobile barn is a modern, mobile calf barn, which was developed according to the latest findings in calf health. The mobile barn system for outdoor use offers optimal conditions for calf rearing. Thus, the calves have access to sufficient draught-free fresh air and sufficient daylight all year round. Used air does not accumulate in the first place and thanks to simple cleaning options, animal health is significantly improved compared to conventional rearing. 
In contrast to classic calf hutches or calf igloos, up to ten calves can be accommodated in a mobile barn. The high-quality construction can be easily moved by means of two wheels, which allows for quick cleaning and disinfection at any time. 
The Lubratec Booster ensures an optimal barn climate in every season.

Suitable for up to 10 calves

High mobility due to 2 wheels enables quick changeover

The inside of the Lubratec Mobile Barn with 4 calves equipped with the Lubratec Booster for air exchange
Three Lubratec mobile stables in the open state
 Lubratec Mobile Barn equipped with the Lubratec Booster and calf pens

Product benefits

  • Floor space of 25m2 for up to 10 calves 
  • Animal-friendly use of natural light and ventilation sources
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection possible
  • Lubratec Booster ensures efficient cooling in summer and ventilation in winter
  • Roller door with window 
  • Transparent windows for pleasant brightness
  • High mobility due to 2 wheels enables quick changeover
  • Basic frame of galvanized steel in combination with dimensionally
    stable plastic panels as walls ensure stability

Further information

can be found here