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CO2-savings through the use of thousands of old PET-bottles


Asphalt rehabilitation with a sustainable reinforcement grid made from recycled PET bottles.

The sustainable HaTelit eco asphalt reinforcement made from 100% recycled PET yarn was used in the rehabilitation of Goldsborough Road in South Australia. The application saved tonnes of CO2 and thousands of old PET bottles were given a new purpose through recycling and used for this sustainable road construction. The asphalt layer also makes the road usable in the long term and reduces potential rehabilitation work.

HaTelit C 40/17 eco consists of high modulus polyester yarns made from 100% recycled PET bottles combined with an ultra-lightweight non-woven fabric. This sustainable product variant from HUESKER for asphalt pavements has been proven to have the same properties as the product classic HaTelit C 40/17 made from original fibres.

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