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Industry Innovator Continues Setting Standards Alongside ASTM International

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetics, agricultural and industrial textiles, HUESKER, Inc. continues to help set industry standards, alongside of ASTM International, for the geotextiles and geosynthetics markets.

Jim Olsta joined HUESKER, Inc. in September 2016 and immediately caught the vision (Ideas, Engineers, Innovation) and the leadership culture of HUESKER, Inc. Jim has been an active member of various ASTM committees since 1988 and has dedicated time to working alongside of ASTM International on Committee D18  Soil and Rock developing “Standard test methods for determining the oil sorption capacity of Organophilic Clay.” As a result of Jim’s work  he will be recognized and receive the Richard S. Ladd Standards Development Award from ASTM International on Monday June 25, 2018 at the main meeting of Committee D18 in San Diego, CA. 

Sven Schröer, HUESKER, Inc. CEO says, “When Jim Olsta joined the HUESKER, Inc. team in September of 2016, I knew we would continue raising the bar on our industry’s standards. I’m proud of Jim’s dedicated and extensive efforts in the development of ASTM Standard D8106.”

Fred Chuck, VP Business Development for HUESKER Inc., states “HUESKER is continuing to live into their brand of A Strong, Lasting Connection by providing an arsenal of experts and products to their customers, partners, and end-users as well as working with industry leaders such as ASTM International to help hold the industry to the highest level of integrity; ensuring “A Strong, Lasting Connection” among industry peers. The market deserves to have dedicated support from HUESKER and experience the business and engineering technology know-how HUESKER has provided for over 150 years. We are proud of Jim’s continuing contribution to the industry. ”


Jim Olsta

Jim is based in Chicago, Illinois.  As Business Area Manager-Tektoseal for HUESKER, Inc., he is primarily responsible for providing customers with the engineering services required, recommending best practices and providing associated products to the environmental market. Jim has presented HUESKER customers, partners and the industry with over 25+ years of manufacturing experience spanning from environmental research at universities, co-authored papers for technical journals and creating a technology screening tool for evaluating and rating potential new environmental products.  As an author of countless white papers on technologies and case studies targeted to the environmental industry and the inventor of a U.S. Patent for Contaminant-Reactive Gabion and Method of Manufacture and Use; the industry can be assured HUESKER, with experts like Jim, will continue building the “Strong, Lasting Connection” to industry and customers