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Stretched System for Arena

Project information

Project name

Indoor riding arena


Kaarst, DE


Klitzenhof Riding Centre

Project details

Project description and challenge

Located to the west of Düsseldorf, the Klitzenhof is an equestrian sport centre for dressage and horse-jumping. Apart from preserving the natural ventilation and daylighting conditions, the new coverings to the indoor riding arena were required to admit soothing fresh air in summer while protecting against wind, rain and snow in winter.


To achieve controlled, draught-free ventilation, the stretched system with wind protection mesh was installed on the open sides between base wall and roof. The system comprises two 3.20 m high x 17.80 m wide segments and two 2.90 m x 21.59 m segments. The units were mounted on three sides, at the top and laterally, with aluminium keder rails. An aluminium grooved tube inserted in the hemstitch at the bottom allows downward tensioning by ratchet to remove any folds or creases. A protective nonwoven sewn onto the hemstitch on the inside guards the wind protection mesh against fraying. The gable wind protection mesh assembly was mounted on all sides with aluminium keder rails.


Apart from protecting against the elements, the translucent, air-permeable wind protection meshes ensure efficient ventilation while offering the horses views of the countryside. They also enhance working conditions, are visually appealing and, thanks to the wide colour range, can be made to blend harmoniously with the existing structures.