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Harbour sediment drainage

Project information

Project name

Harbour sediment dewatering


Verden an der Aller, DE


Matthäi, Verden, Germany


Matthäi, Verden, Germany

Construction time


Project details

Project description and challenge

The Aller river, the Weser‘s largest tributary, is designated as a federal waterway in the Unteraller area. This particular section, near Verden, contains the marina for the Verden motorboat association (Verdener Motorboot-Verein e.V.k), which dates back to 1971. Approximately 1000 m³ of contaminated sediment has formed in the marina basin over the decades. It is now necessary to extract and professionally dispose of this sediment for ecological and maintenance reasons.


For the implementation of this construction measure, drainage with geotextile tubes was used. The system consists of three process steps: Pumping of the sediment, conditioning of the sludge suspension and subsequent dewatering. The sludge was pumped using the Watermaster Classic III. The addition of a flocculant improves the dewatering behaviour and speeds up the process. At the end of the process are the dewatering tubes into which the treated sediment is pumped and in which dewatering takes place. The filter fabric specially developed for this purpose offers solids retention with simultaneous release of the excess water via the pores of the fabric.


- Formation of a filter cake on the inside of the hose, to limit the discharge of fine particles

- Fast and efficient dewatering

- Treatment of large volumes possible