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Covertec Concrete Rehabilitation

Short Summary

Concrete silos and silage bunker walls are prone to biochemical corrosion. Depending on the concrete quality, this may lead to porosity or even hairline cracks. Even protective coatings may become permeable over time.

Effective protection can be provided for the inner wall surfaces by means of suitable rehabilitation measures. Following installation of a drillable protective nonwoven, the 1.5 mm linings are welded together and held in place by clamping strips. Wall penetrations can be readily incorporated in the lining and a post-completion leakage test makes the installation perfect. The retrofitted FPP-membranes are resistant to liquid manure and digestate and are highly UV resistant.


Benefit from the advantages of our Covertec concrete rehabilitation


  • Time-tested FPP-membranes
  • Long-lasting, flexible concrete protection with lining
  • Incl. post-completion leakage test
  • Suitable for open and sealed containers
  • Suitable for use of agitators
  • High UV resistance
  • 10-year warranty

Why choose Covertec concrete rehabilitation?

Membranes for concrete rehabilitation have the advantage of allowing considerably larger areas of cracks to be covered, as compared to coatings, which are limited to the micron range. In addition, the use of membranes allows verifiable testing of imperviousness. The Covertec concrete rehabilitation system is an innovative form of retrofitted concrete protection, which effectively prevents any further corrosion.