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New tensioning system for fast, efficient covering of silage

An intelligently designed system and the right type of cover are crucial factors in determining the later quality of stored roughage. At the same time, the covering of silage and subsequent removal of fodder are labour-intensive processes.

With the new Agritec® Silage Safe, HUESKER now offers a system solution for fast, efficient covering. The tensioning system is installable immediately prior to deposition to provide an airtight seal for the silage, particularly at the edges, thereby significantly reducing fodder loss. Ensilage in several layers is possible. The system subsequently allows rapid, straightforward silage removal with little physical effort. It is also possible to dispense with the tyres and sandbags typically needed for ballasting. Silo sheeting (provided by others) provides integral concrete protection for the silage pit walls. Rainwater can run off at the sides, where it is removed by perforated PVC drainage pipes. Further benefits include the low purchase price and a minimum projected service life of ten years.

Picture subline:

(1) Full-surface seal, particularly at edges

(2) Quick to install and little physical effort required for later fodder removal