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SoilTain® Sandbags

Erosion and scour protection for coastlines, shores, banks and ports

SoilTain sandbags are small, flexible geotextile containers that serve to stabilise coastlines, shores, banks and port areas at risk from erosion. They can be used as components in revetment construction for coastlines, shores and banks, for bed protection and as scour fill in waterbodies.


Cost-effective solution

SoilTain sandbags offer an economical, reliable and versatile alternative to stone and steel protective systems. They allow the construction of revetments without multiple mineral filtration layers. In some situations, they can even replace armour stones. The use of locally sourced materials as fill also eliminates the need for cost-intensive material shipments.

Wide-ranging applications

Long-term protective solution, e.g. as revetments, dike cores, breakwaters, artificial reefs, for bed protection in dock basins etc. 

The geotextile sand containers also offer a suitable means of providing scour protection for wind turbines, bridge foundations and piers. They can likewise be used to provide effective temporary protection, e.g. for dikes.


Straightforward on-site installation

1. Prefabricated bags are filled with locally sourced material (preferably sand)

2. Bags are sealed using manual stitching equipment

3. Bags are placed by excavators or similar plant

Your benefits

  • For long-term or temporary applications

  • Most suitable raw materials selected for particular application

  • Product sizes ranging from 0.02 m³ to 5.00 m³

  • Use of locally sourced fill materials, e.g. sand

  • Stable filter construction without any additional works

  • No need for armour stones and associated transportation

  • Abrasion- and UV-resistant

  • Straightforward underwater installation

  • Rapid colonisation by local flora and fauna

SoilTain is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.


Further information

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