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SoilTain® Coastal Protection

Geosynthetic Container System for Coastal and Bank Protection

Technical textile tube system for coastal protection.

The SoilTain tubes for coastal and bank protection are large-size geosynthetic containers installed for the purpose of preventing erosion. They offer a versatile means of installing protective structures parallel to the coast, e.g. as artificial dunes/dikes or breakwaters. The tubes can also be placed perpendicular to the shoreline to form groynes or for the purpose of land reclamation.The tubes are hydraulically filled in situ with a sand/water slurry. While the water drains out through the permeable geotextile encasement, the sand is retained within the tube.

Cost-effective solution

SoilTain tubes for coastal and bank protection offer a cost-effective and natural-looking alternative to concrete and stone. They can be filled with locally sourced materials such as sand, thereby eliminating the need for conventional armour stone products. Cost-intensive material shipments that negatively impact the carbon footprint of projects are no longer required.

Across-the-board sustainability

Purpose-developed as a coastal protection solution, the geosynthetic woven excels both by its high robustness during installation and by its long-term abrasion resistance. Visually, the sand-coloured material blends harmoniously with the landscape setting and is rapidly colonized by marine flora and fauna, even under water. The product‘s eco-compatibility has been demonstrated by both practical applications and scientific investigations.

Displacement-resistant and scour-free, even on erosion-prone bases

A scour protection mat with anchor tubes guards against scour and erosion below the SoilTain tube. The anchor tubes protect the scour protection mat against undermining and prevent its displacement.

Fast and straightforward Installation

1. Hydraulic extraction of filling sand by means of suction dredger or dredge pump. Alternatively: Liquefaction of sand through addition of water in mixing tank and filling by means of slurry pump.

2. Hydraulic delivery of sand/water mix to place of installation.

3. In-situ filling of SoilTain tube: water drains out while sand is retained in tube.


Project-specific manufacture

In addition to standard product sizes, we also offer custom-fabrication with varying tube diameters and lengths to meet project requirements. All design solutions developed by our engineers are based on state-of-the-art practice and comply with the relevant standards and guidelines.


  • Long-term erosion control function

  • Large-volume tubes guarantee continuous barrier, even over long distances

  • Easy and fast filling with locally available sands

  • Rapid colonization by marine flora and fauna

  • Cost-effective due to savings on armour stone

  • Variety of materials for project-specific selection

  • Ecological compatibility

  • High UV resistance

SoilTain is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH