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Management Team

Dr. F.- Hans Grandin has been the sole Managing Director of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH and the HUESKER Group since 1st November 2012, and entered the circle of shareholders in July 2015. Born and raised in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia), Grandin received his doctorate following his study course in Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. Initial professional positions in R&D, Product Management, Sales and Marketing have led him, amongst other places, to Brazil and the USA. Grandin has been employed as Managing Director for 15 years in the area of technically sophisticated premium products, mainly in an international environment.

Christian Kortboyer is a Business Economist, and has been responsible for the Sales D/A/CH area for the Geosynthetics Division since July 2010. He began his career at HUESKER in 1987, and since then has held numerous positions, for example as Regional Sales Manager in Northern Germany and Project Manager in Germany for infrastructure projects. Christian Kortboyer has been a member of the Management Team since 2013.

Robert Fischer is the Commercial Director at HUESKER Synthetic GmbH. He is responsible for the Accounting, Controlling, Purchasing, IT and Legal Counsel Departments. Mr Fischer has been in the company since 2015, and studied Business Administration and International Management. He was previously employed as Head of Controlling and Commercial Managing Director in production companies in the construction supplier industry.

Andreas Elsing is responsible for Product Management, which at HUESKER includes the Research & Development, Business Area Management and Marketing Divisions. Mr Elsing joined the company in 1994 as a Civil Engineering graduate. His many years of international professional experience in the area of technical textiles, focussing on Market/ Development, makes Mr Elsing an expert in this field.

Jörg Eßling manages the development and implementation of our portfolio of flexible and focussed customer solutions in the area of Industry & Agriculture. A Business Economist, he has been in the company since 1992 and has been part of the Management Team since 2013.

Sven Schroer manages our American subsidiary, HUESKER Inc., as Managing Director. A trained civil engineer, he started his HUESKER career in 2002 in Gescher and moved to the USA for the company several years ago. Prior to this, he was employed with various companies in the areas of Sales and Technical Service. With his many years of diverse international sales expertise, he has been in the Management Team of HUESKER since 2008.

Heinz-Georg Richels has worked at HUESKER Synthetic GmbH since August 1987. As Technical Director, he is responsible for all production locations within the HUESKER Group. In his role, he concentrates on the implementation of the strategy throughout the company, strongly focussing on the further development of national and international production sites.