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Project information

Building mesure

Legacy Parkway


Farmington, UT/Salt Lake City, UT, US


ACF West, Inc/ Aims Contracting and Clyde Contracting

Building time

December 2006 - Fall 2008



Project details


In December of 2006, construction on a segment of the Legacy Parkway in the state of Utah began. The project was designed by the Utah Department of Transportation to reinforce soft soils underneath bridge approach embankments.


Construction was completed in three stages. Stage 1 and 2 was awarded to Aims Contracting, while stage 3 was awarded to Clyde Contracting. Stabilenka® 730.130, manufactured by HUESKER Synthetics was supplied to the two contractors by ACF West, Inc. Legacy Parkway connects Farmington, UT with Salt Lake City, UT and was completed in the fall of 2008.


313,000 yd2 of Stabilenka 730.130 High Strength Geotextile was delivered over four months directly from HUESKER’s manufacturing facility to the job site and was installed by Aims and Clyde Contractors prior to project completion in 2008.

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