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Cargo Solutions

Inadequately secured cargo is a common cause of lost consignments during road haulage. Traffic hold-ups or even accidents may result. Here, HUESKER offers high-grade solutions to meet the needs of the particular application.

For the field of cargo solutions, HUESKER develops innovative transport systems that are economical and user-friendly. Flexible load securing systems and transport combinations for dumpers are part of the portfolio.

Additional benefits for tipping trailers

Liquid manure and fermentation liquids are often transported in tankers to field tanks or spreaders to ensure a fast and efficient spreading chain. These tankers usually only see seasonal use from February to April and apart from the occasional transport of liquid manure to other storage areas remain immobile for the rest of the year. With its innovative Flexcover Combi, HUESKER has developed a transport combination that dispenses with the need to acquire a new, additional vehicle. The modular modification enables multiple use of tipping trailers without having to make any long-term change to the tipper itself. This user-friendly conversion creates an ideal transport vehicle that can be deployed throughout the entire spreading chain and liquid transportation process.

Systems for save storage

Cargo which is not properly secured can pollute roads and public thoroughfares, particularly during the harvest season. This is not only hazardous for road users it also results in cleaning costs which the polluter has to pay. The Flexcover cargo securing product provides optimum protection for your cargo. Due to its compact design and the fact that it can be easily adapted to various trailer sizes, Flexcover is suitable for almost every type of trailer.