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Land Reclamation

Innovative System Solutions for Perimeter Dikes

Efficient construction

Geosynthetic products facilitate construction in water and waterside areas. The erosion-resistant containment of fill materials simplifies and speeds up the erection of dams and dikes under the action of wave and current loads.

Long-term stabilization

Apart from the short-term benefits of "sustainable containment“, the filter-stable construction also enhances the long-term stability of the structure.


Scopes and Benefits of our geosynthetic building materials

Base area

  • Geosynthetic reinforcement/filter layer
  • Simultaneous filtration and separation function
  • Straightforward underwater installation compared to standard solutions
  • Particularly advantageous in tidal areas
  • Evening out of settlement
  • Products: Stabilenka, Fortrac, Stabilenka Xtreme, HaTe Nonwovens, Sinking Mattresses, Tektoseal Sand

Perimeter dike

  • Geotextile containment systems for erosion-resistant barrier
  • Elimination of potential failure mechanisms
  • Simplified underwater installation
  • Economical use of locally sourced materials
  • Products: SoilTain Sandbags, SoilTain Coastal Protection Tubes, SoilTain Dewatering Tubes

Filter and protective layer

  • Constant filter layer thickness
  • High robustness
  • Reduced revetment construction thickness
  • Products: HaTe Nonwovens, Tektoseal Sand, Basetrac Woven

Base reinforcement

  • Straightforward installation
  • Filtration and separation function
  • Increased bearing capacity
  • Lower base course thickness
  • Products: Basetrac, Stabilenka