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Groynes and Breakwaters

Sustainable Coastal and Bank Protection

Economical alternative to traditional constructions

Conventional stone fill structures generally comprise a core, several filter layers and a top layer. Industrially manufactured geosynthetics and tailored system solutions incorporating custom-fabricated units allow the optimization of structural geometries and cross-sections. Furthermore, the use of locally sourced materials such as sand vastly reduces the need for cost-intensive material shipments, e.g. of armour stone.

Long-term stabilityThe straightforward installation process and the use of geosynthetics of certified quality help to minimise risks and avoid the irregularities typical of mineral filter layers. Moreover, filter-stable installation of the core containment system prevents any erosion of the core material.


Scopes and Benefits of our geosynthetic building materials

Base area

  • Reinforcement/filter layer at base
  • Straightforward underwater installation compared to standard solutions
  • Evening out of settlement
  • Simultaneous filtration and separation function
  • Products: Stabilenka, Fortrac, Stabilenka Xtreme, HaTe Nonwovens, Sinking Mattresses, Tektoseal Sand

Structural core

  • Use of geotextile containment systems
  • Rapid installation of barrier, even under water
  • Economical use of locally sourced materials (e.g. sand)
  • Products: SoilTain Coastal Protection Tubes, SoilTain Sandbags, SoilTain Dewatering Tubes

Filter and protective layer

  • Constant filter layer thickness
  • High robustness
  • Reduced revetment construction thickness
  • Products: HaTe Nonwovens, Tektoseal Sand, Basetrac Woven

Top layer

  • Permeable or impermeable geotextile concrete mattress layer
  • Filter-stable construction with smaller thickness
  • Rapid installation, even under water
  • Retrofitting feasible without any significant intervention in existing structure
  • Products: Incomat, SoilTain Sandbags, HaTe Nonwovens