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Walls and Slopes

System Solutions for Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil

Reinforced soil systems for cost-effective slope stabilisation, steep slopes and retaining structures

The potential applications for geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS) systems are every bit as wide-ranging as the systems themselves. When used in retaining structures, e.g. retaining walls, or for slope stabilization, they perform a supporting and protective function. They also facilitate the construction of steep slopes and extra-steep slopes.
Reinforced soil system applications are often complex and challenging. Our engineers will provide you with support in the development of innovative and, above all, economical solutions.


Not only do GRS-based slope stabilization measures and retaining structures offer enormous structural stability and short construction times, but they also surpass standard solutions through their wide-range of design options, e.g. plantable steep slopes, gabion walls and concrete-panel or block facings. HUESKER will be glad to advise you on specific applications, such as noise bunds, avalanche protection dams, bridge abutments or even retaining walls in water, and to partner with you in identifying the best solution.


    • Rapid, cost-effective installation
    • Low base area, with efficient use of space and materials
    • Slope inclinations between 45° and 110º
    • Maximum interlock between soil and interaction-flexible Fortrac geogrids
    • Use of locally sourced soil and spoil material
    • Project-specific coordination of system components
    • Earthworks up to 60 m tall
    • Optional technical consulting during design and on-site operations